Payment API

With our API you can connect any web service you want with MoohPay and start selling whatever you want.

For using the API, you definitely need programming skills.
If you don't have those, please head over to our WordPress plugin, that connects your blog with your products:
MoohPay WordPress Plug-in

Version 1

MoohPay™ API Documentation

The API is not publically available. Please contact our support if you want to receive an API key to make transactions with.

Making Calls

Each API call must be made via HTTP POST to the following URL:[ACTION]

The following custom HTTP headers must be set:

X-MP-UID: [The ID of the requesting user] X-MP-Auth: [The encrypted authorizational string] X-MP-Mode: [The context the request is made in; SANDBOXED or PRODUCTION]


Each API call returns an HTTP 200 OK on success with an empty body. In case of an error, the HTTP 500 API Error response code is returned and the body contains a short and unique error message.


The following actions are supported by the API:

handshake Initializes communication and keys exchange.

iframe Renders an inline frame for implementing our payment framework.

subsequentpayment Makes recurring payments with an existing payment token.

verifypaymenttoken Checks the status of the specified payment token.

More detailed information on required parameters are sent to you when API key application is granted.

MoohPay™ Payment Library PHP

You can download our Payment Library for PHP (version ≥ 5.3). Please use it at your own risk.