Terms Of Service

The following terms and conditions are valid for all transactions with MoohPay™. Our services are provided subject to these terms.


The customer gives explicit permission to MoohPay™ to withdraw the amount agreed on from the account of the customer. The amount depends on the product that is purchased and is clearly stated.


At this time writing, there are no refunds granted. Whenever a product or service is purchased, all data or access provided is as-is.


When paying with credit card or PayPal, shipping occures immediately. When paying via bank transfer, shipping is held back until the money arrives on our bank account, which will usually take 1-5 business days.


Payouts will be made automatically upon exceeding the threshold of 50 Euro. If early payout is desired, a processing fee of 5 Euro will be imposed.

Limited Liability

Claims for damages against MoohPay™ are excluded, unless they are based on: violations of essential contractual duties, intentional acts or severe negligence injuries to life, body or health.

MoohPay™ is explicitly not liable for damages caused by opening downloaded files or executing downloaded machine code in case of computer software. All files and software are provided as-is, without warranty of any kind.