Sell Like A Cowboy

MoohPay™ enables you to sell digital products.

Low fees

We use a graded fee model.
6 % – 10 % per sale.*
Read more about our fees.

No hidden costs

The fees include everything from payment provider costs to our margin.
We charge you nothing when you don't sell anything.

Easy Going

Payout once every month.
No accounting workload.

Open for everything

We accept payments via Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Start Selling Now!

You can only win.

Okay, I'm in!

More Features

File Upload

Upload your files directly to MoohPay™.
There is no limit! Your files can be as large as you want. Even several Gigabytes are no problem at all.

File Download

We help you saving costs by providing a super fast download service to your customers.
One thing less to worry about.

Sell Everywhere

Each product has its own, clearly structured sales page and a unique link. You can link your product in an e-mail campaign or just use our official WordPress plugin to embed it directly into your blog or business website.

Affiliate System

Let your friends or partners help you with selling your products.
It's so easy: Just select the percentage you want to give to your partners. This can be anything from 1 to 99%.

If you want to get started with an online business but you don't have a product right now, you can search for products of other sellers within your MoohPay™ account and start re-selling immediately.

Easy Payouts

Accurate accounting of every sale.
Customized statistical information.
Automatic credit transfer to affiliate partners.
Automatic payouts: When your income exceeds 50€, your money is automatically transferred to your bank account. Month by month.

Your business on auto pilot.

You want even more? Here we go!

Multi Level Partner System

Do you want to boost your sales with unlimited reach?
With our revolutionary Multi Level Partner System you can do that. Everyone benefits from it, including your partner's partners.

With normal systems your partners can only create direct partner links. We created a unique, daisy-chained partner link system, where everybody gets his cut. You can build up a massive reach with it, that's normaly only possible by paying tons of money for online marketing campaigns. With MoohPay™ you can have the same effect – and help others earning money as well.

Commission calculation for Partners and product owner.

Selling product with 50 % partner commission.
Product Price = 49.95€

Product Owner
Partner 1 (brought customer)
Partner 2 (brought partner 1)
Partner 3 (brought partner 2)
Partner 4 (brought partner 3)
Total Revenue

There is an incredible amount of advantages.

  • Partners are actively recruiting other partners, so they can earn money without doing anything (passive income).
  • With our Multi Level Partner System, your product and message will be spread all over the world.
  • Our intelligent algorithm makes sure that you keep getting new partners. The first partner gets 100% of the defined commission. The second 95%, the third 90% … and the eleventh 50%. With this situation, after ten partners, it is more lucrative for partners to partner with an existing partner and not directly with the product, because they get a higher commission then (starting at 55%). The more partners there are before you in the chain, the higher is your commission.
  • This system is perfectly suited for Online Congress Packages. Most Online Congresses experience always the same audiences with always the same speakers. The Multi Level Partner System extends your target audience to whole new people, who maybe haven't ever heard of Online Congresses.
  • We create a win-win-win… situation! And the number of people you can reach with your message explodes.

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